Before It Breaks by Dave Warner

‘Before it Breaks’ is the first novel that Dave Warner has written in 15 years and it is the first that I’ve read.

DI Dan Clement was a high flying homicide detective in Perth until his marriage fell apart. He followed his ex-wife back to his small hometown of Broome on the north West Australian coast so that he could be near his daughter.

He now lives in a room illegally converted into an apartment and his detective skills are in danger of atrophying with the criminal set of Broome mostly comprising drunks and petty thieves. Continue reading

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Harm Done by Ruth Rendell

‘Harm Done’ is the 18th Ruth Rendell novel featuring Detective Reg Wexford and his companion Mike Burden and set in the fictional country village of Kingsmarkham.

On two successive Saturday nights, a young woman is abducted only to be returned a few days later, completely unharmed. Both of the woman are either unable of unwilling to give much detail on what has actually happened to them.

Meanwhile a paedophile is due to be released back into the community and the community is outraged. They fear for their children and don’t want him living anywhere near them. Continue reading


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Karin Fossum Profile and Books

Karin Fossum is a Norwegian writer born in 1954. She is often referred to as the Norwegian Queen of crime.

Fossum’s first published work was poetry, but she is most famous for her Inspector Sejer series of crime novels. The novels are set in the countryside north of Oslo. Sejer is not a typical novel detective. He is a kindly man, follows the rules, has never been divorced and has very few vices. Likewise, the perpetrators in her novels are not typical. They are not terrible people, but normal people who cross the line. This makes them more real and scarier. Her novels also include societal issues such as class inequality, immigration and exploitation. The beautiful Norwegian countryside also features in her novels.

Fossum’s work is read all over the world and she has won many awards.

She lives near Oslo. Continue reading

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The Cold Cold Ground by Adrian McKinty

‘The Cold Cold Ground’ is the first novel I’ve read by Adrian McKinty and is the first in a series featuring Detective Sean Duffy.

Duffy is a Catholic cop in a mostly Protestant police force in Carrickfergus on the outskirts of Belfast. The story is set in 1981 during the troubles. Margaret Thatcher is in power and there are hunger strikes at the Maze as political prisoners demand their rights. Police are killed patrolling the riots and at any time this could be Duffy or one of his colleagues. It is standard practice for police to check under their cars each morning for mercury tilt bombs, particularly for a man like Duffy – a Catholic living in a Protestant street. Continue reading

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John Hart Profile and Books

John Hart was born in 1965 in North Carolina.

He became a defence attorney but dreamed of being a writer. Eventually, disenchanted with spending his time around criminal, he left the law to write. With a young family and no income he hoped that he wouldn’t need to go back to his job. He was spurred on by the faith of those around him. Two Edgar Alan Poe awards later (as well as other awards) he knows that he will not have to return to practising law.

His novels are set in the South and based on his experience dealing with criminals and the ripples of destruction that they create that unravel lives.

John Hart now lives in rural Virginia with his wife and children. Continue reading


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Road Rage by Ruth Rendell

‘Road Rage’ is the 17th novel in the Inspector Wexford series by Ruth Rendell.

A new bypass is planned around Kingsmarkham. It will destroy some of the woods which Reg Wexford and others love to walk in and destroy the country peace and tranquillity of many of Kingsmarkham’s outlying residents. As work is about to commence, the protestors descend on Kingsmarkham, spiking trees and living in treetops in an effort to disrupt their destruction. Wexford is opposed to the bypass but sees it as inevitable and it would not be appropriate for him to join the protest. Continue reading


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When The Devil Drives by Caro Peacock

‘When the Devil Drives’ is the 4th novel by Caro Peacock (Gillian Linscott) featuring the Victorian London PI Liberty Lane.

Liberty is still establishing her investigation business and wondering where the money will come from to pay the rent when she suddenly acquires two new clients. And, with her almost fiancé Robert Carmichael away in Ireland for his brother’s wedding, there is no one to check on how much danger she is getting into.

The first client is a young man whose fiancé has gone missing. He doesn’t seem to know much about the young lady (being more interested in himself) but gives Liberty just enough information to identify her. Continue reading


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Simisola by Ruth Rendell

‘Simisola’ is the 16th Inspector Wexford novel by Ruth Rendell and one of the main focuses of this novel is prejudice.

Wexford’s doctor Raymond Arkande approaches Wexford because his 22 year old daughter Melanie has gone missing. The Arkandes are originally from Nigeria and one of a small number of black families living in Kingsmarkham. Melanie had an appointment at the job centre and has not been seen since.

Then Annette Bystock, the employment officer who Melanie met, is found dead in her flat. There are few clues leading to her murderer and now Wexford fears for Melanie’s life. Continue reading


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The Girl in Green by Derek B. Miller

‘The Girl in Green’ is Derek B. Miller’s second novel. It is completely different from his first ’Norwegian By Night’ but just as brilliantly written and has just as much of an impact.

The story begins in 1991. Twenty year old American Private Arwood Hobbes is stationed in Kuwait near the Iraqi border where he meet British journalist Thomas Benton. When a nearby Shiia town is attacked by Saddam’s forces, the two men try to save a young girl in a green dress. She dies in Hobbes’s arms and the two men are deeply affected by her senseless death and their own failure.

Twenty two years later, Hobbes sees the same girl in the same green dress in news footage of a mortar attack near the Iraq Syria border. Hobbes and Benton see this as another opportunity to save the girl. Continue reading

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Long Time Lost by Chris Ewan

‘Long Time Lost’ is a gripping thriller by Chris Ewan. I read my first Chris Ewan novel recently and decided it would be worth reading more. After this one, He has moved onto my list of ‘must read’ authors.

Nick Miller provides a specialised service. He takes people who need something more secure than standard witness protection, gives them a new identity, hides them in Europe and continues to watch out for them. He is very good at his job because he has been in hiding for years and because he has an excellent team. Hanson is a computer expert who can hack any database and create realistic identity documents. Becca is an actress and a master of disguise. Continue reading

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