The Affair by Lee Child

‘The Affair’ is Lee Child’s 16th Reacher novel and takes us back to Jack Reacher’s time in the army – just before he left to live his life of wandering and righting wrongs.

Janice May Chapman was raped and murdered in a small Mississippi town called Carter Crossing. The town is close to an army base from which Rangers are carrying out clandestine operations, so the army needs the case sorted without any impact on the army. Reacher is sent under cover to Carter Crossing to keep an eye on the local police investigation.

But when Reacher arrives, he finds the truth very different from the story he’s been told. Janice May is the 3rd woman killed. The first two just weren’t considered as newsworthy. The sheriff, Elizabeth Devereux is an ex-marine and immediately works out what Reacher is doing there, but Reacher gains her confidence and becomes part of her team (and her lover). Continue reading


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Alys, Always by Harriet Lane

‘Alys, Always’ is Harriet Lane’s debut novel.

Francis Thorpe is in her mid-thirties and single. She works as a sub-editor for a struggling publication. She leads a fairly mundane life and there is not much prospect of that changing.

Then one evening she comes across the aftermath of a car accident and stays with the woman driver until an ambulance and police arrive. The woman later dies.

It is only later that Francis finds out that the woman was Alys Kyte, wife of the famous Booker winning novelist Lawrence Kyte. Continue reading

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Insidious Intent by Val McDermid

‘Insidious Intent is the 10th novel in Val McDermid’s Tony Hill and Carol Jordan series.

In the previous novel in the series – ‘Splinter The Silence’, the ReMIT team was set up, headed by Carol Jordan, and including her favourite handpicked staff (Paula McIntyre, Stacey Chen and others) and with Tony Hill as their profiler. Now the team have their first real case.

A woman’s body is found in a burnt car and investigation reveals that she was dead before the fire. The team quickly discovers that the woman met her killer at a wedding. But it is clear that the killer is forensically aware as he has left no trace. Continue reading


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A Legacy of Spies by John Le Carré

After many years, John Le Carré has added another chapter to the George Smiley story with ‘A Legacy of Spies’. The series was very much based around the cold war, so I thought I’d seen the last of Smiley. But, those now running the Circus are digging up the secrets of the past.

Le Carré’s novel ‘The Spy Who Came in From the Cold’ describes an operation which resulted in the tragic deaths of Agents Alec Leamus and Elizabeth Gold. Now 50 years later, their descendants are questioning their deaths and suggesting that they resulted from betrayal. Peter Guillam, now an old man, is called to London to answer to the new generation at the circus. Continue reading

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Worth Dying For by Lee Child

‘Worth Dying For’ is Lee Child’s 15th Reacher novel.

At the end of the previous novel ’61 Hours’ we were left wondering if Jack Reacher was dead or alive. He obviously survived, since the series continues. The injured Reacher is now on his way to visit Susan in Virginia but gets held up for a while in a small rural community in Nebraska.

Reacher was planning to stay for one night and then be on his way, but he ends up helping the very drunk local doctor attend a battered patient and then gives the patient’s husband the treatment he deserves.

Now the husband Seth Duncan, his father, his two uncles and the ex footballer bodyguards (the cornhuskers) they employ are all out to get Reacher. Because the Duncans are a family of bullies. They control all transport in the county and use the cornhuskers to keep the farmers in line. Continue reading


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Kings of America by R.J. Ellory

‘Kings of America’ is set in the late 1930s through to the 1960s in New York and Los Angeles and is the story of 3 young immigrants – Danny McCabe from Ireland and Nicolas and Lucia Mariani from Corsica.

Danny is on the run and using a false name after killing a cop in Ireland. He is a fighter and dreams of a career in the boxing ring.

Lucia has always dreamed of being a Hollywood star. Nicky’s aim is to get his sister to Hollywood, but beyond that he dreams of riches – any way he can get them.

Neither Danny or Lucia get quite what they hoped for while Nicky works his way up the Mob hierarchy (despite not being Italian). And they have a persistent detective breathing down their necks. Continue reading

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Angels and Demons by Dan Brown

‘Angels and Demons’ is the first novel by Dan Brown to feature Harvard professor of Art History and world renowned symbologist Robert Langdon.

Langdon receives a phone call in the middle of the night from CERN Director Maximillion Kohler. One of CERN’s top physicists Leonardo Vetra has been murdered and branded with a symbol that has been lost for hundreds of years. It seems that the Illuminati, presumed to have vanished hundreds of years ago, have returned.

The Illuminati started as a group of intellectuals and featured men such as Galileo. They were frowned upon by the Catholic Church. As the Illuminati became more radical, their war with the church escalated. Now they have devised a plot to destroy the Church by blowing up the Vatican. Continue reading


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Sabine Durrant Profile and Books

Sabine Durrant has worked as an editor and feature writer for a number of British newspapers and magazines.

She has written a number of novels for adults and young adults. In 2013 she wrote her first psychological thriller and has continued with thrillers since then, with her novels nominated for several awards.

She lives in South London with her partner Giles Smith (a sportswriter) and their three children. Continue reading

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Friend of the Devil by Peter Robinson

‘Friend of the Devil’ is Peter Robinson’s 17th Inspector Banks novel and this one has echoes back to an earlier novel in the series ‘Aftermath’.

Annie Cabot is temporarily assigned to another division, so is not currently working with her usual colleagues. She is still struggling with her feelings for Banks and her personal life in general – drinking too much and waking up in strange beds. Then a horrific murder helps to focus her attention. Karen Drew was a quadriplegic and unable to talk. The 28 year old was taken from her care home and parked in her wheelchair on the edge of a cliff. Her throat was cut and she was left to bleed to death. Continue reading


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A Dark So Deadly by Stuart MacBride

‘A Dark So Deadly’ is the first novel that I’ve read by Stuart MacBride and it certainly won’t be the last.

The story is set in the fictional Scottish town of Oldcastle where DC Calum MacGregor has been assigned to the ‘Misfit Mob’ after taking the blame for a crime scene screw-up which resulted in a villain going free. His boss, known as Mother, has had a triple bypass. Her second in charge is dying of bowel cancer. Dot is in a wheelchair after losing part of a leg. Watt is just unlikeable. The group has just been joined by stunning black woman who deals with sexual harassment with her fists. The Misfit Mob are given the cases that no-one else wants. Continue reading

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