End Game by David Baldacci

‘End Game’ is the 5th novel in the Will Robie series by Davis Baldacci.

At the end of the previous novel ‘The Guilty’, there was a burgeoning relationship between the two master assassins Will Robie and Jessica Reel. But Reel has gone cold and Robie doesn’t know why. They haven’t seen each other for six months and have thrown themselves into their separate assignments. Robie has just taken down a terrorist cell planning a huge explosion in London’s underground and Reel has been Iraq. But now they have been brought back together for an urgent mission.

Their boss and friend Roger Walton, known as Blue Man, has gone missing while on holiday in his childhood hometown of Grand in Colorado. Continue reading

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From Potter’s Field by Patricia Cornwell

‘From Potter’s Field’ is the 6th Kay Scarpetta novel by Patricia Cornwell, featuring Virginia Chief Medical Examiner and FBI Consultant Kay Scarpetta.

The FBI has been notified of another victim of long term serial killer Temple Gault. And unlike the last time, this victim really is one of Gault’s. A young woman has been killed and displayed in New York’s central park, naked in the Christmas snow. She was obviously homeless, but there are some distinguishing features that should help to identify her.

But as Kay begins to investigate, it becomes clear that Gault is killing people as a gift to her and he is tracking every movement that Kay and her niece Lucy make. Heavily guarded, Kay and Lucy continue with the investigation. Continue reading

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The Rooster Bar by John Grisham

‘The Rooster Bar’ is the latest legal thriller from John Grisham and novel number 25 for him.

Gordy, Mark, Todd and Zola each embark on a law degree for their own reasons. They join a for-profit law school with the promise of good jobs at the end so that they can quickly pay off the huge student loans that they have accumulated. But as they progress through their degrees, they discover that the school they are attending only has a 50% pass rate for the bar exam and graduates rarely get the good paying jobs. By their final year they find out that their situations are completely hopeless. Continue reading

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Fools and Mortals by Bernard Cornwell

‘Fools and Mortals’ is a novel set around the theatre in 1595. The main character of the story is Richard Shakespeare, younger brother of William.

When the young Richard ran away from his Stratford home to join his older brother William in London, William was not thrilled. William was already gaining success as a player and writer and placed his younger brother into St Benet’s choir school to learn some acting skills. But the school was run by Sir Godfrey Cullen who preyed on the boys in his charge, pimped them out and got them to steal for him.

When Richard finally joined William’s theatre company, he was continually given female roles. Richard just wanted to be taken seriously. Continue reading

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Jane Harper Prodile and Books

Jane Harper was born in 1980 in Manchester in the UK. She moved to Australia with her family at the age of 8 but moved back to the UK 6 years later. She studied journalism and worked for a number of newspapers before moving back to Australia on her own at the age of 28 – arriving in Victoria during a severe drought.

In Australia, Harper continued to work as a journalist but she had always wanted to write fiction. She was accepted into an online writing course run by Curtis Brown. The course ran for 3 months and during this time, working nights and weekends, she produced the first draft of her novel ‘The Dry’. Continue reading

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A Rising Man by Abir Mukherjee

‘A Rising Man’ is Abir Mukherjee’s debut novel and the first in a series featuring Captain Sam Wyndham who after working as a detective for Scotland Yard, serving in WWI and losing his wife to the flu epidemic, has now joined the police in Calcutta.

It is 1919 and even though there are rumblings of dissent from the natives, India is still very much run by the British who mostly manage to keep the locals in their place. So when a Senior British Official is found murdered in a run down part of town, Sam and his team are given the investigation. His two colleagues are the very arrogant Inspector Digby and native born but British educated Sergeant ‘Surrender Not’ Bannerjee. Continue reading

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Tall Oaks by Chris Whitaker

‘Tall Oaks’ is Chris Whitaker’s debut novel and it’s easy to see why it’s winning awards.

Tall Oaks is a small wealthy town where everyone seems to have a secret. There isn’t much serious crime until 3 year old Harry is abducted. Harry’s mother Jess is desperate to find Harry and to have her estranged husband Michael back.

The town policeman Jim helps Jess in every way he can, but isn’t making much progress on finding Harry and some of the help he gives Jess may not be very helpful.

Other characters in the story are Manny – a teenage boy who is still trying to prove himself to the father who left years ago. He does his best to look after his mother Elena and his young sister. Continue reading

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Force of Nature by Jane Harper

‘Force of Nature’ sees the return of Detective Aaron Falk of the Australian Federal Police who we met in Jane Harper’s brilliant debut novel ‘The Dry’. We are once again taken to a hostile Australian environment, this time with constant rain rather than drought.

Aaron Falk and his partner Carmen Cooper are investigating financial irregularities in a small company run by the Bailey family and they have been receiving documents from one of the staff, Alice Russell, who has been offered immunity for her help.

Members of the company, including Alice, have just been on a company bonding exercise, hiking through the Giralang Ranges several hours drive from Melbourne. But of the five women who were hiking together, only four have returned. Alice has gone missing. And Aaron has discovered a phone message from Allice left at around 4 in the morning and mostly comprising static. Continue reading

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Munich by Robert Harris

‘Munich’ is a historical fiction novel covering a brief period in 1938 during which the world held its breath while the English, Italians and French tried to stop the Germans from going to war with Czechoslovakia.

Hugh Legat and Paul Hartman were best friends at Oxford in the late 1920s and early 1930s. Legat is now a junior private secretary to British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain while Paul Hartman is a German Diplomat and part of a group trying to put an end to Hitler’s rise.

As Chamberlain is preparing to meet Adolf Hitler in Munich for a final attempt to stop war in Czechoslovakia, Hartman obtains documents that have the potential to affect the outcome of the meeting. He does what he can to ensure the presence of his old friend Legat in Munich as part of the British team so that he can pass on the vital information. Continue reading

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The Body Farm by Patricia Cornwell

‘The Body Farm’ is the 5th novel by Patricia Cornwell featuring Virginia Chief Medical Examiner Kay Scarpetta.

In addition to being Virginia’s Chief Medical Examiner and being in charge of a busy morgue, Dr Kay Scarpetta is also consulting with the FBI on special cases. This brings her ever closer to FBI profiler Benton Wesley. Kay’s niece Lucy is now working for the FBI in their top secret Engineering Research Facility. Kay’s friend and colleague Peter Marino is living in a way that Kay is sure will lead to a heart attack. Continue reading

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