Keeping Bad Company by Caro Peacock

‘Keeping Bad Company’ is the 5th novel in the Liberty Lane series by Caro Peacock. Liberty Lane is a Private Investigator in early Victorian London.

Liberty is carrying out an assignment at a diplomatic gathering when her work is rudely interrupted by a young man. The young man is Tom Fraternity Lane, Libby’s younger brother who she hasn’t seen for 7 years. He is concerned about her reputation as she is unattended in public.

Tom works for the East India Company and has been stationed in India for many years. He is in London for an enquiry. A wealthy trader’s assistant has been murdered and Tom is a witness in the case. He fears that his evidence may condemn his friend Mr Griffiths who he knows to be innocent. Continue reading


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Fire Sale by Sara Paretsky

‘Fire Sale’ is the 12th novel is Sara Paretsky’s series featuring the tough female private investigator V.I. Warshawski.

V.I. really doesn’t like returning to her childhood neighbourhood of South Chicago. But when the basketball coach of her old high school gets sick, she reluctantly agrees to help out. She discovers that some of the players are quite good and could be a lot better if they had decent facilities and a proper coach. So she sets about trying to find a sponsor for the team.

The global By-smart company has its headquarters in the area, so V.I. sees them as the logical sponsor and young Billy Bysen, grandson of the owner, is enthusiastic. But once again she has encountered a wealthy company with no social conscience. They pay their workers the minimum possible wage and find ways of avoiding paying benefits when they can. The founder of the company, Buffalo Bill Bysen describes the sponsorship deal as giving handouts to welfare recipients. Continue reading


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The Seal by Adriana Koulias

‘The Seal’ is the 2nd novel in the Rosicrucian Quintet by Adriana Koulias and once again she has written a beautiful but complex novel. This novel is based around the demise of the Templars in the 14th century.

An author meets an old woman near Lockenhaus Castle in Austria. The old woman sees the author as the person to whom she must relate her 700 year old tale. Together they travel back to the early 1300s.

King Philip of France is desperate for money. He sees the Templar order as a source for gaining wealth and with Jerusalem now lost there appears to be no reason for the continued existence of the Templars. Pope Clement V is a weak and greedy man and is easily pulled into Philip’s plots to destroy the order. They charge members of the order with a number of heretical practices. Continue reading


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Trinity/ Margaret of Anjou by Conn Iggulden

‘Trinity/ Margaret of Anjou’ is the 2nd novel in Conn Iggulden’s War of the Roses series. The first novel in the series is ‘Stormbird’ and the 3rd and 4th are ‘Bloodline’ and ‘Ravenspur: The Rise of the Tudors’. This novel covers the period from 1454 to 1460.

The novel opens with scenes highlighting the conflict between the Percy family and the Neville family. Henry Percy – Earl of Northumberland sends his son to attack a Neville wedding party with the aim of killing Richard Neville – Earl of Salisbury.

King Henry VI has existed in a dream state for over a year. Richard Duke of York has been acting as Protector and has favoured  his supporters, especially the Neville family by awarding them land at the expense of the Percy family and others. Continue reading


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Mockingbird Songs by R.J. Ellory

‘Mockingbird Songs’ is the first novel I’ve read by R.J. Ellory. I was a bit unsure through the first parts on the novel, but after a while I was completely hooked.

Henry Quinn made a simple mistake just before his 18th birthday and ended up paying for it with 3 years in prison. He would have died there if not for the help of his cell mate Evan Riggs. Evan was a country singing star before being sentenced to life for beating a man to death. On Henry’s release, Evan asks him to take a letter to his daughter who he never got to meet.

Henry’s first step on the search for Sarah is the small West Texas town of Calvary where Evan grew up and his brother Carson is now sheriff. Carson claims that he doesn’t know where Sarah is, but Henry is not sure if he believes him. Henry made a promise to Evan and he is not yet ready to give up. Continue reading

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Sarah Hilary Profile and Books

Sarah Hilary is a UK crime novelist. She was born in Cheshire, studied in London and now lives in Bath.

Her early writing includes short stories and a book about her mother and grandparents who were held in a Japanese prisoner of war camp during WWII.

But Hilary has always had a dark mind and eventually she turned her hand to crime writing. Her series of psychological thrillers featuring detective Marnie Rome has won many awards and the series has been optioned for television.

She is a regular on panels at writing festivals and also chairs events. Continue reading

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Stolen Souls by Stuart Neville

‘Stolen Souls’ is the 3rd novel by Stuart Neville featuring Belfast police detective Jack Lennon.

Galya Petrova leaves her home in Ukraine with the promise of a good job in Northern Ireland. But like many young women from Eastern Europe she has been tricked into the sex trade. When one of her minders, Tomas Strazdas decides it is time to break her in, she fights back. Now Tomas is dead and Galya is on the run.

Tomas was the wayward brother of the boss of a Lithuanian crime ring, Arturas Strazdas. Arturas wants revenge for his brother’s death and will stop at nothing to find Galya. Continue reading


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Blacklist by Sara Paretsky

‘Blacklist’ is Sara Paretsky’s 11th V.I. Warshawski novel featuring the invincible female private detective.

V.I.’s lover Morrel is still in Afghanistan researching and writing. She worries about him daily since he can’t always get to a computer to send an email to keep in touch. She is lonely and frightened and this has been made worse by the recent destruction of the World Trade Centre.

One of her long-standing clients asks her to carry out an unusual investigation for him. His 90 year old mother has been seeing lights at night in the abandoned mansion in which she grew up. Continue reading


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A Death at Fountains Abbey by Antonia Hodgson

‘A Death At Fountains Abbey’ is the 3rd novel by Antonia Hodgson featuring Thomas Hawkins. It follows two excellent novels – ‘The Devil in the Marshalsea’ and ‘The last Confession of Thomas Hawkins’.

Queen Caroline has sent Hawkins to Yorkshire, threatening Hawkins ‘wife’ Kitty if Hawkins doesn’t carry out his mission. John Aislabie was Chancellor of the Exchequer during the South Sea share scheme’s dramatic rise and even more dramatic collapse. He left government in disgrace to live at his estate in Yorkshire. He is now being threatened and has asked the Queen for help. But Hawkins’ real mission is to retrieve the ledger of investors so that it can no longer be used to threaten the government or the monarchy. Hawkins’ ‘ward’ Sam Fleet hides among the baggage so that he can help Hawkins. Continue reading


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A Divided Spy by Charles Cumming

‘A Divided Spy’ is the 3rd novel by Charles Cumming featuring Thomas Kell. This novel could be read on its own, but since the first two in the series ‘A Foreign Country’ and ‘A Colder War’ are outstanding, why wouldn’t you read them first? It also helps this novel to know Thomas Kell’s backstory.

In the ‘A Colder War’, Kell’s girlfriend Rachel was killed by a Russian agent. Even though Kell has now left MI6, he is keen for any information on his enemy so that he can take his revenge. When he hears compromising details about the Russian, he sets out to turn him into a double agent, with no support from his old service or his old boss Amelia Levene. Continue reading


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