Bloodline by Lynda La Plante

I have been a big fan of ‘The Queen of Crime’ Lynda La Plante ever since watching Prime Suspect of TV years ago. There’s nothing quite like a good old BBC police drama.

Bloodline is the 7th book in the series featuring Anna Travis and James Langdon. The first 6 are:

Above Suspicion
The Red Dahlia
Clean Cut
Deadly Intent
Silent Scream
Blind Fury

Recently promoted to DCI, and still battling to get over the murder of her fiancé, Anna is asked by DCS James Langton to spend a day or two looking into the disappearance of the son of an acquaintance.

Even though there is initially no evidence of foul play, Alan Rawlins’ shy pleasant, considerate nature make the disappearance very out of character. Anna reluctantly investigates until she discovers a pool of blood under the carpet in Alan’s bedroom. She is then finally able to get her teeth into a full-blown murder enquiry. But she has Langton leaning over her shoulder critiquing her every move.

There is difficulty identifying the blood as belonging to Alan, and no body has been found, so there are questions as to whether the blood belongs to Alan or to Alan’s victim. The gradual discovery of Alan’s darker side leads to the possibility that be may actually be a murderer rather than a victim.

Anna heads off in all directions (much to Langton’s frustration) before finally identifying the blood and determining what has happened to Alan Rawlins.


I found this book an easy read and probably a little bit undertaxing compared to Lynda La Plante’s normal standards. I’ll probably think of this as Anna’s grumpy book – I know she’s just lost her fiancé, but I’d rather she didn’t take it out on her readers. Anyway, there was the usual dose of high tension conflict between Travis and Langton and Lynda La Plante managed to plant some good red herrings – I thought I’d solved the murder ¾ of the way through the book but it turned out that I was completely wrong.

This was an excellent crime book to read, most of Lynda La Plante’s others are even better.


Book Published 2011


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