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Born in Sydney Australia in 1955, Geraldine Brooks worked as a journalist before writing her first book. While working as a journalist for the Sydney Morning Herald Geraldine Brooks was awarded a scholarship to the journalism master’s program at Cambridge University where she met her husband, America Journalist Tony Horwitz. On her marriage to Tony Horwitz, she converted from Catholicism to Tony’s religion of Judaism.

On completion of her journalism masters, Geraldine worked for the Wall Street Journal as a Foreign Correspondent covering crises in the Middle East, Africa and the Balkans. Geraldine Brooks has two sons, Nathaniel with her husband Tony and Bizuayehu adopted from Somalia. She currently divides her time between homes in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, and Sydney, Australia.

As a female foreign correspondent, Geraldine found many doors closed to her in the male dominated environment, but found that her access to the women, particularly to Islamic women, gave her a new and different perspective on life in war torn countries. She spent time with people living at the extreme edge of existence who were able to do the most amazing things for their survival. In her life as a journalist she also confronted the conflict faced by people trying to fight injustice by the injustice that comes through war.

Geraldine Brook’s extreme background has clearly come through in the voices of the characters in her books. Her books are able to portray the personal emotional crises that are experienced by people facing an external crisis.

To date Geraldine Brooks has published the following books (hopefully with more to come soon).


Non Fiction:

  • Nine Parts of Desire (1994)
  • Foreign Correspondence (non-fiction) (1997)

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