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The two writers who are capable of completely creeping me out are Minette Walters and Ruth Rendell (apart from the Wexford series). They are both absolute masters of the psychological thriller. Interestingly Minette Walters is a huge fan of Ruth Rendell.

As part of an army family, Minette Walters spent the first 10 years of her life moving between army bases. After school, she worked for a year in Jerusalem in a Kibbutz and in a delinquent boys’ home. She studied French at university, where she met her husband, Alec. They have two sons, Roland and Phillip.

Minette Walters worked in editing at romantic fiction and women’s magazines and began writing articles and short stories for extra money. She took a break from writing while her children were young and started full-time writing on her first novel, The Ice House, in 1987.

In addition to writing, Minette Walters is a patron of numerous charities and gives her free time to libraries, schools, charities and prisons. She studies people (particularly at prisons) and although her book characters are not based directly on real people, she uses elements of the personalities and situations that people who she meets find themselves in and writes about the devastation caused to people directly and indirectly involved in murder. The effects of different types of marginalisation feature strongly in her books.

After her first novel, Walters produced 12 more over the next 14 years before taking a break. She is now working on a new novel, so stay tuned!

Minette Walters’ novels and awards to date are:

  • The Turn of Midnight (2018)
  • The Chameleon’s Shadow (2007)
  • The Devil’s Feather (2005)
  • Disordered Minds (2003)
  • Fox Evil (2002)
  • Acid Row (2001)
  • The Shape of Snakes (2000)


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