The Bourne Dominion by Eric Van Lustbader

The story got off to a flying start with blood and guts, murder and mayhem in all directions. It actually took me a while to work out what was going on and if there was actually a storyline or if it was just gore for the sake of gore. Or maybe the book was written specifically to be turned into an action movie.

Eventually I discovered the story buried in the chaos. China, who mines most of the world’s rare earth minerals has reduced its exports on which America is extremely reliant. America has its own deposits which are not currently being mined and these deposits must remain secure and secret until mining and refining are in full production. The group Severus Domna, originally formed to bring east and west together is now influenced strongly by the mosque of the black legion and has set its sights on bringing America to its knees, so it naturally wants to infiltrate the rare earth mining facility. Russian General Boris Karpov, a long time close friend of Jason Bourne’s, has recently been made head of the Russian spy agency FSB-2. In order to become head of FSB-2, Karpov made a deal with the previous head and now it’s payback time, and the price is that he must kill Jason Bourne. Add to this some very angry Columbian drug Lords, another secret agency (and it takes a while to work out which side they are on) and some neurotic triplets – totally gorgeous of course (where are the fat warty women) – and there are so many story lines racing along simultaneously that they just about fall over each other.

Eventually everything comes together into an action packed, thrilling conclusion. Most of the goodies survive, most of the baddies are viciously slaughtered and Bourne once again saves the day.

The Bourne books can be read independently and out of order with one exception. The Bourne identity needs to be read first in order to understand who Jason Bourne is.

Although this review has been a bit negative, I think if you enjoy fast, action packed stories, then you will probably enjoy this book. I have thoroughly enjoyed most of the past Bourne books – by both Robert Ludlum (who wrote the first 3) and Eric Van Lustbader (who has now written a further 6) and I’m sure that I will continue to enjoy them in the future.


Book Published 2011


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