Lynda La Plante Profile and Books

Lynda La Plante (Lynda J. Titchmarsh) was born in Liverpool in 1943. She trained as an actress at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) and began her professional life as an actress. Her first steps as a writer came about when she wrote a number of plot outlines for a series in which she was acting. From there she went on to write some incredibly successful TV series, including Widows and Prime Suspect. Research for La Plante’s books and films includes visits to Prisons, Brothels and Morgues. Lynda La Plante now has her own TV Production Company, La Plante Productions. Drama’s produced to date include:

Above Suspicion
Above Suspicion:  The Red Dahlia
Above Suspicion:  Deadly Intent
Above Suspicion:  Silent Scream
Trial and Retribution
The Commander
The Governor
The Prosecutors

And many others

Lynda La Plante has received a number of awards including a CBE (for services to Literature, Drama and Charity) and a TV Spielfilm Award for her adaptation of her novel Above Suspicion. She has also been inducted into the Crime Thriller Awards Hall of Fame.

Books written by Lynda La Plant include:

Anna Travis Series:

Lorraine Page Series:

  • Cold Shoulder (#1) (1996)
  • Cold Blood (#2) (1998)
  • Cold Heart (#3) (1998)

Legacy Series:

  • The Legacy (#1) (1999)
  • Talisman (#2) (1988)

Widows Series:

  • Widows (#1) (1994)
  • Widows (#2) (1995)
  • She’s Out (#3) (1995)

Prime Suspect Series:

Tennison series:

Trial and Retribution Series:

  • Trial and Retribution (#1) (1997)
  • Trial and Retribution II (#2) (1998)
  • Trial and Retribution III (#3) (1999)
  • Trial and Retribution IV (#4) (2000)
  • Trial and Retribution V (#5) (2002)
  • Trial and Retribution VI (#6) (2002)


  • Civvies (1992)
  • Framed (1992)
  • Entwined (1992)
  • Seekers (1993)
  • The Governor (1995)
  • Bella Mafia (1999)
  • Sleeping Cruelty (2000)
  • Royal Flush/Royal Heist (2003)
  • The Little One (Quick Read 2011)
  • Twisted (2014)


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