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Kate Mosse was born in Sussex in 1961. She spent 7 years in the publishing industry and now works as a creative writing teacher, broadcaster and author as well as judging for several literary awards and being a member of the board of the UK national theatre. She is a strong campaigner for literacy and reading in the UK and has campaigned against library closures.

She is married to Greg Mosse, a writer, poet and teacher, who she attended school with and met again many years later. She and her family divide their time between Sussex and Carcassonne in the South of France where her Longuedoc novels are set.

Her best known novel is Labyrinth which has been a bestseller in many countries around the world and has been translated into 38 languages including Japanese, Chinese and Hebrew. It is the first book in the Languedoc trilogy followed by Sepulchre and Citadel.

Kate Mosse has also written a number of plays, writes a regular column and has also contributed to a number of anthologies and collections.

Her published novels are:

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