Before I Go To Sleep by SJ Watson

When Christine first looks in the bathroom mirror each morning expecting to see a 20 something year old face, she finds a middle aged woman staring back at her. And who is the strange man she woke up with, and where is she. Christine suffers from amnesia. She remembers what has happened during the day, but when she goes to sleep each night her memory is wiped and she must start from scratch again the next day. Christine lives with her husband Ben, and each morning he tells her enough to get her through the day.

When Christine is approached by Dr Nash, who wants to study her memory problems and help her, she instinctively decides to keep this information secret from her husband Ben. Dr Nash gives Christine a journal so that she can write down what has happened each day, and he phones her each morning to tell her where she has hidden her journal. Each day when Christine reads her journal, it is like she has never read it before. But, by reading what has gone on over previous days, Christine is able to build a cumulative picture of her life which starts to trigger some memories.

Amidst the fear and confusion, Christine starts to discover some inconsistencies and her trust of those that she is completely reliant on begins to evaporate. The more she begins to question, the more difficult her life becomes. She can never be quite sure if her thoughts are memories or imagination.

The conclusion to the story is thrilling and terrifying (I won’t say more for fear of spoiling it).

This was a completely enthralling book. It was so well written that I really felt myself inside Christine’s head as she rediscovered her life each day. This is the first novel that S. J. Watson has published and I find myself wondering how he is going to manage to follow it up. Absolutely brilliant!


Book Published 2011


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