The Ranger by Ace Atkins

Quinn Colsen is an Army Ranger who has fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. He hasn’t been home for six years. He returns for a week to attend his uncle’s funeral and finds Jericho, Northern Mississippi, very much changed since his last visit.

His uncle, the sheriff of Tibbehah (fictional) county may have been murdered. And as Quinn starts to investigate, with deputy sheriff (and tough girl) Lillie Virgil, he finds himself in the middle of the seedy lowlife of the county.

Most of the area is now owned and run by Johnny Stagg – a seedy character from a family of no-hopers who has managed to climb out of the heap by stepping on anything and anyone in his way.

The area has also been overrun by a gang of vicious, ignorant, white supremist meth producers and dealers. This group seems to have no problem with ‘neutralising’ opponents and snitches.

As Quinn and Lillie investigate, they start to uncover links between Quinn’s uncle, Johnny Stagg, the meth gangs and others who Quinn has known all his life. Quinn teams up with an old army buddy, Boom, to clean things up. Soon full scale war breaks out with people maimed, murdered, property burned and people being double crossed.

This is the first Ace Atkins novel that I have read, but it certainly won’t be the last. He has now written 10 books which cover crime and historical fiction. This novel is the first in a series featuring the cool, intelligent, tough Quinn Colsen along with Lillie Virgil. The second book in the series is due in mid-2012.

The book ripped along at an incredible pace with no superfluous waffle to wade through. I found it difficult to put down and can’t wait for the next in the series. There are a few characters that I’m looking forward to following: Quinn Colsen, Lillie Virgil, Quinn’s mother and sister, Boom and Johnny Stagg.


Book Published 2011


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