Misery Bay by Steve Hamilton

This is the eighth book in Steve Hamilton’s series featuring Alex McKnight (the ninth, ‘Die A Stranger’ is due out later in 2012). Alex is retired from the police force and living in Upper Michigan. And, while he has a private investigator’s licence, he has never had any intention of using it.

When Roy Maven, the chief of police for Sioux St. Marie puts aside his long-running hostilities and approaches Alex, Alex reluctantly allows himself to be drawn into an investigation.

The son of an ex-colleague of Maven’s has committed suicide and something about the death just doesn’t feel fight. On closer investigation, other related deaths start to come to light and it is soon obvious that there is a serial killer on the loose. And, Maven and his daughter might be on the potential victim list.

The FBI are quick to dismiss the deaths as isolated incidents, but dogged persistent investigation by Alex and Maven eventually tie the deaths together. And, at the very end Alex and Maven work out what doesn’t feel quite right about the crime scenes and hence (after a few twists) work out the identity of the killer. But, only by Alex putting his body on the line.

The setting for the novel was Upper Michigan, near the Canadian border – in late winter. So loads of snow and so cold that it hurts (I have some difficulty identifying with that).

I love reading Steve Hamilton. He writes in a style that is easy to read, but the plots are still fairly complex. I can’t wait for the new book in the Alex McKnight series (Die a Stranger) to come out later this year.


Book Published 2011


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