The Dark Room by Minette Walters

When Jinx Kingsley, daughter of a wealthy business man, wakes up in a hospital room, she can’t remember anything about how she got there, or anything else from the previous two weeks. The last thing that Jinx remembers is saying goodbye to her fiancé before going to spend time with her family to plan the wedding. Jinx is soon told that her fiancé Leo has decided to marry her best friend Meg. And, also that she has tried to commit suicide by driving her car into a concrete wall. But, this doesn’t feel right to her. She is not at all upset by Leo’s actions and can’t imagine trying to commit suicide. And, although she doesn’t know why, Jinx finds an absolute terror creeping into her mind sometimes.

Meg and Leo are supposed to be in France avoiding publicity. But, when they found bludgeoned to death, Jinx immediately becomes one of the suspects. Her first husband was murdered 10 years earlier – also bludgeoned to death, which only increases suspicion.

As Jinx spends time in a rehabilitation clinic, trying, with the help of her doctor – Dr Protheroe, to recover her memory, the suspects mount up and her dysfunctional family breaks apart. And, if there is a reason behind Jinx’s vague fears, then her life is in danger.


This is another great psychological thriller from Minette Walters. I enjoy the way that the story is interspersed with newspaper clippings and police reports. This allows for extra information to be added, and for information to be recapped without forcing characters to step outside of their part in the story.

The end of the book brings together all the parts of the story in an exciting climax. Although all the clues were there, it was not easy to work out what the final solution would be and I was left guessing.

I’m looking forward to my next Minette Walters book!


Book Published 1995


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