The Kill Artist by Daniel Silva

After Gabriel Allon’s wife and child are attacked in Vienna by a car bomb, Gabriel leaves the Israeli Secret Service to work full-time as an art restorer. The attack on Gabriel’s family was a reprisal attack from a terrorist whose brother Gabriel killed after the Black September attacks in Munich. And, the only reason that Gabriel’s family was in Vienna at the time was because of an affair that Gabriel had.

Now, nine years later, Gabriel is being given the opportunity to track down and kill Tariq – the man who attacked his family. And, as bait to track down Tariq, Gabriel will be using French super-model (and occasional Israeli agent), Jacqueline Delacroix (also known as Sarah Helevy), the same woman that he had an affair with nine years earlier.

As Gabriel and Jacqueline get closer to Tariq, things become more dangerous and plots within plots begin to emerge. And, the master plotter of the all is Ari Shamron, Gabriel’s boss.

It’s not till late in the book that the real plans of Tariq are uncovered. And it is only at the very end of the book that we discover what Ari Shamron is really trying to achieve.

This is the first Gabriel Allon novel in the series written by Daniel Silva. Having already read two of the others, this is certainly not my favourite – that honour goes to ‘Prince of Fire’. It was good, however, to read the character introduction and development for a series that now extends to 11 books.

I’m looking forward to continuing with the series and reading the ongoing character development for Gabriel Allon, Ari Shamron. And others.


Book Published 2000


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