Backlash by Lynda La Plante

Backlash is the 8th book in Lynda La Plante’s series featuring Anna Travis and I found this book more enjoyable than the previous one – ‘Bloodline’.

When Henry Oates is pulled over one night for erratic driving, the contents of his van spark a huge investigation. In the back of the van is the raped and murdered body of Justine Marks.

During the initial interview, Henry brags about two other murders – Rebekkah Jordan and a woman he knows only as Julia. In later interviews he claims that he was lying about the additional murders, so the investigation must prove his guilt in the murder of two girls whose bodies have never been found.

DCS James Langdon investigated the disappearance of Rebekkah Jordan five years ago. The case was never closed and it still haunts Langdon. He is currently recovering from knee surgery and unable to investigate any new leads, so he organises to have his long term colleague Anna Travis assigned to the investigation, working under Mike Lewis and alongside Paul Barolli. While not officially overseeing the case, Langdon still manages to upset everyone by micro-managing every moves that the team makes.

Gradually the team (mostly Anna) manages to discover additional evidence and break down the clever devious Henry Oates to discover the true extent of his horrific crimes.

Anna Travis has grown in her abilities and confidence, but still carries the terrible burden of her fiancé’s murder, which she has never allowed herself to get over. She is incredibly focused throughout this investigation, but her grief is still bubbling away just below the surface.

Langdon’s family was ‘away in the country’ rather than helping him during his recuperation which I found a bit suspicious. So, I’m expecting some more developments in the relationship between Travis and Langdon soon.

I found this a hugely enjoyable novel!


Book Published 2012

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