Broken by Karin Slaughter

Three and a half years after the death of her police chief husband, Sara Linton finally finds the courage to return to the town in which they lived, to visit her parents. But, the local police force has spiralled downhill since her husband was tragically killed.

The body of a young female college student has recently been found in the lake, and although the death has been made to look like suicide, it is quickly discovered that she was murdered. Acting police chief Frank Wallace and detective Lena Adams soon target and arrest a mentally disabled man as the suspect. After Lena coerces a confession from him, he commits suicide in his prison cell.

Sara is horrified when she discovers his body. Because of Lena’s involvement in her husband’s death, she calls in the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) and Will Trent soon arrives to investigate.

The subsequent murder of the first victim’s boyfriend demonstrates that the initial suspect could not possibly have been the murderer. The cover-ups, corruption and incompetence of the local police force begin to come to light with the help of Will Trent’s probing. The violence escalates and both Sara and Lena find themselves under attack.


Outside of the plot, there is also the development of the tenuous relationship between Sara and Will. Although they are very much suited to each other, neither of them will admit it. So, they spend the whole book pretending that there is no attraction.


The book was exciting and full of suspense and I found it very difficult to put down. As I have read other Karin Slaughter novels, the familiarity with the characters probably added to the enjoyment of this book. This novel is part of Karin Slaughter’s ‘Will Trent’ series. Two other recent books in the series are ‘Undone/Genesis’ and ‘Fallen’. There is also a new novel ‘Criminal’ due out later this year.


Book Published 2010


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