The Bourne Imperative by Eric Van Lustbader

This book is the 10th featuring Jason Bourne. The first three were written by Robert Ludlum with the series continued by Eric Van Lustbader after Ludlum’s death. Although I didn’t find this book very riveting, I thought it was better than the previous one – ‘Bourne Dominion’ which barely made mention of Bourne’s amnesia which is a key to the overall story.

Bourne and his colleague Christien find a man floating in a Swedish lake. As the man starts to recover, they discover that he has amnesia. In an effort to restore his memory, Bourne takes him back to the lake where he discovers that the man is being tracked by Bourne’s old colleague – Mossad Agent, Rebekah. And now both Bourne and Rebekah are being hunted by another assassin.

Meanwhile at Bourne’s old agency Treadstone, co-directors Peter Marks and Soraya Moore are trying to track down a terrorist known as Nicodema. They are also hunting for a mole within Treadstone and both are facing their own crises.

And it turns out that Bourne’s and Treadstone’s problems are linked in a massive plot involving Israelis, Mexican drug Barons and corrupt Chinese officials as well as Bourne’s good friend Fernando Herrerra. There are so many plots within plots, along with money both real and counterfeit, that I was left a bit confused

Assassins kept popping out of the woodwork trying to get at both the good guys and the bad guys (I couldn’t always decide which was which). Unfortunately not everyone is quite as indestructible as Jason Bourne, so there is the usual trail of bodies that we’ve come to expect in a Bourne novel.

I loved Bourne in the earlier novels. Maybe I need to go back and re-read some so that I can better follow what’s going on now.


Book Published 2012


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