Blind Goddess by Anne Holt

Last year the English translation of Anne Holt’s novel ‘1222’ was published. It was an excellent book and the 8th in her Hanne Wilhelmsen series. Blind Goddess has just been published in English and is the 1st in the series, so now we get to find out where Hanne came from.

Karen Borg is a corporate lawyer who while out walking her dog, discovers a brutally murdered body. A young Dutchman is found covered in blood and readily confesses to the murder. He insists on having Karin as his lawyer even with her inexperience in criminal law. As the murdered man is a drug addict and the murderer a foreigner, the police are keen to close the case.

Then a lawyer is also found murdered and detective Hanne Wilhelmsen along with police attorney Haken Sand see some tenuous connections between the two murders and start to understand why the young Dutchman is too afraid to speak to a criminal lawyer.

The story gradually unfolds with Hanne and Haken pursuing very slim leads. Eventually the lives of Hanne, Haken and Karen are all put in danger as they start to uncover a huge and sophisticated drug trafficking network. The network involves several lawyers and has links that could bring down high ranking professionals and ultimately the Norwegian government.
I found ‘1222’ a better book than ‘The Blink Goddess’, but as someone who enjoys reading every book in a series, I’m glad that this one is now available in English. The story was good, but at times I found it a bit slow and sometimes confusing.

The characters were excellent. I found this book to be as much about Haken and Karen and I look forward to more books to get more into Hanne Wilhelmsen’s life. The next book in the series is ‘Blessed Are Those Who Thirst’.

Having shivered through a Norwegian winter in this book, I’ll have to make sure that my next read is a warm one!

Book Published 1993

Published in English 2012



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