Criminal by Karin Slaughter

Criminal is the 7th book in Karin Slaughter’s Will Trent series (including the short story – ‘Snatched’) and is the best that I’ve read so far. Once again the story gives us a bit more of the background of Will’s life as well as that of his boss – Amanda Wagner, and Faith’s mother – Evelyn Mitchell. The story moves back and forth between the 1970s and the present day.

The role of women in the 1970s was very different from today. When Amanda and Evelyn joined the Atlanta Police Department, it was not really an accepted place for women to be. But, they were determined to take the job seriously and be taken seriously. And, when two senior detectives – Rick Landry and Butch Bonnie find a fall-guy for the murder of a group of prostitutes, Amanda and Evelyn decide to look a bit deeper into the details of the crimes. This is despite threats and sexual harassment from their senior officers.

Forward to the present and a young women has been murdered. There are some striking similarities between this case and the first case that Amanda and Evelyn investigated. Amanda Wagner has re-assigned Will Trent to keep him away from the case and he doesn’t know why. At the same time Will and Sara Linton – newly in love, are still questioning their relationship. Eventually Will and Amanda literally run into each other at the orphanage where Will grew up and Amanda finds that she can no longer stop Will from getting involved with the case.


The book gives a fascinating look into the past of Will and Amanda showing why their relationship is the way that it is. But, Will has no idea how his past will affect his relationship with Sara.

I loved the 1970s story, so much so that at times I was very tempted to skip over the present day sections of the book (I’m glad I didn’t). From everything I’ve heard about the 1970s, the book appears very well researched – in fact some areas of society are still struggling to move on today!

This was an excellent book. I’ve just got hold of a copy of the short story – ‘Snatched’, so that I can fill in more details of Will Trent’s life.


Book Published 2012


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