Snatched by Karin Slaughter

Snatched is a novella and is the 6th book in Karin Slaughter’s Will Trent series. Book 7 – ‘Criminal’ mentions Will Trent working at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (the busiest passenger airport in the world). This novella describes what happened while Will was working at the airport.

Will was sent to the airport in order to keep him away from a case that his boss (Amanda Wagner) didn’t want him involved with (he was told that it was a punishment for wearing his hair longer than regulation length). The job at the airport involves checking the men’s toilets at the airport for men cruising the toilets for sex.

While sitting in a toilet cubicle – extremely bored and waiting for his lunch break, Will overhears a young girl, taken to the toilet by an older man, complaining that she wants to go home. Something in the little girl’s voice just doesn’t feel right to Will and when he sees the pair together, their behaviour only reinforces his suspicions. But he doesn’t feel certain enough to arrest the man.

He follows the pair through the airport, eventually alerting his boss and airport security. When Will finally catches up with them, the man has already disposed of the girl in some way.

The rest of the story involves trying to trick the man into revealing what he has done with the girl. And, trying to get to her before it’s too late.


I’m amazed at how much Karin Slaughter managed to pack into a seventy page book. When you read it, make sure you’ve set aside enough time to read the whole thing, because you will not want to put it down.

In addition to Will Trent, a number of other characters from the series make an appearance – Amanda Wagner and Faith Mitchell (and Vanessa Livingstone who appears in ‘Criminal’). But, this novella could still be enjoyed without reading other books in the series. I can’t seem to get enough of Karin Slaughter at the moment and plan to read every book she’s written.


Book Published 2012


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