Stieg Larsson Profile and Books

Karl Stig-Erkand Larsson was born in 1954 in Skelleftehamn in Northern Sweden. He later changed his first name to Stieg to avoid confusion with another Swedish author Stig Larsson. Larsson grew up with his grandparents in the Swedish countryside until his grandfather died of a heart attack at the age of 50. He then lived with his parents.

Larsson worked as a journalist, photographer and graphic designer and spent time training guerrillas for a squad of the Female Eritrean People’s Liberation Front. He was heavily involved in political groups whose purpose was to counteract extreme right-wing activism and he spent years of his life living under death threats.

His first fiction writing was in science fiction and he has written and co-written many fanzines in this genre. He has also written non-fiction works on right-wing extremism in Sweden.

Larsson died of a heart attack at the age of 50. It was after his death that the three completed manuscripts for the millennium trilogy were found and published. Notes and outlines exist for several more novels in the series which he had planned to include 10 books. His long-term partner Eva Gabrielsson and his family are in dispute about the rights to his work, so it is not known if any more of his work will ever be published.

His hugely successful millennium trilogy comprises the following novels (English publication dates are shown rather than the original Swedish publication dates):

Millenium series continued by David Lagercrantz:


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