Tuesday’s Gone by Nicci French

Tuesday’s Gone is the second book in the Nicci French series featuring Frieda Klein and in this book the Nicci French duo are back at their best (in the first book ‘Blue Monday’, something seemed to be missing).

When a health service worker pays a visit to a mental health patient Michelle Doyce, she finds Michelle ‘entertaining’ a dead man by serving him tea and buns. The man has obviously been dead for several days and has no identification on him.

When DCI Karlsson is unable to get any sense from Michelle Doyce, he calls in psychoanalyst Frieda Klein to speak with her. The police are keen to close the case quickly – blaming Michelle for the murder and leaving the body unidentified, but once Frieda Klein has met Michelle Doyce, she just can’t let it go. She doesn’t believe that Michelle is a murderer and thinks that the solution lies in identifying the body.

When the body is finally identified (well, sort of identified) he is found to be a conman and has left behind a trail of victims from whom he has stolen various amounts of money. But, have any of his victims been hurt badly enough to murder him? Frieda works back through his life while the police attempt to close down the case.

Meanwhile, Frieda has issues of her own. She is single again since her boyfriend moved away, her sister-in-law is sinking deeper into chaos while her 17 year old niece tries to make sense of her own life. And, the rest of her motley group of friends and family battle through their own problems. Frieda is also suffering from nightmares about Deane Reeve (who featured in ‘Blue Monday’), and she can’t get thoughts of him out of her life.

This was an excellent book, and very typical of Nicci French. ‘Blue Monday’ was important for the development of characters and overall plot, but I think that ‘Tuesday’s Gone’ would still be a good read without having read the first book.

If you plan to read ‘Blue Monday’, you should read it before this book, as this one contains some spoilers.


Book Published 2012


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