Bones are Forever by Kathy Reichs

‘Bones are Forever’ is the 15th novel by Kathy Reichs’ series featuring the forensic anthropologist Temperence (Tempe) Brennan.

Tempe is working in Quebec when she is called in on a crime scene. A newborn baby has been found stuffed under a bathroom sink and the insect population has already begun its grisly work (revolting graphic description). While still at the scene, two more baby corpses are found that have obviously been there for a while. Now the hunt is on for the woman who lived in the apartment – Amy Roberts (also known as Alma Rogers and Alva Rodriguez).

Also on the case is Tempe’s old flame Detective Andrew Ryan, but their relationship appears to be completely over and the gap between them ever widening.

The hunt for Amy/Alma/Alva leads to Edmonton and reintroduces Tempe to an even older flame – Detective Ollie Hasty. Ryan and Ollie take an instant dislike to each other as yet another baby corpse is discovered and the trail leads them to the small town of Yellowknife in the north of Canada. Here they find yet another name for Amy and quickly discover that in a town of 20,000, most people know each other and many are related.

Initially looking for clues within the world of drugs and prostitution that Amy looked to be a part of, the interests of suspects quickly widens to include the fight between environmentalists and miners in the region. And, any time they think they are getting close to finding answers, someone else gets murdered. In typical Tempe style, she blunders around, acting without considering the consequences and places her own life in danger.


I really enjoyed this book, much more than the previous one – ‘Flash and Bones’. Some of Kathy Reichs’ books have been a bit heavy on the forensic description – almost to the point of tedium. This one went almost too far in the opposite direction with Tempe spending most of her time being a detective and very little in the lab.

At the end of the book, Tempe’s personal life seemed to be in even greater chaos than at the beginning. I’m hoping for some better action between Tempe and Ryan in the next book!


Date Published 2012


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