Die a Stranger by Steve Hamilton

‘Die a Stranger’ is the 9th book in Steve Hamilton’s Alex McKnight series and I think each book is better than the one before. This book could be read as a stand-alone novel, but knowing some of the background of the characters adds to the enjoyment.

Alex McKnight is a retired Detroit cop now living a quiet life in Paradise in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Well… he would live a quiet life if his excellent investigative skills weren’t occasionally called into service.

At a small airport near Paradise, a drug delivery has gone seriously wrong leaving 5 people dead. Now one of Alex’s few friends – Ojibwa Tribal Indian Vinnie LeBlanc has gone missing. Alex knows that this is out of character but he is not sure if Vinnie is involved in the drug delivery or if he is spending time alone after the recent death of his mother. When Alex discovers that Vinnie’s wayward cousin – Buck Carrick is also missing, a connection to the drug dealers seems certain.

Then Vinnie’s estranged father – Lou, recently released from prison, arrives in Paradise to help look for Vinnie. Lou and Alex form a strange partnership to track down Vinnie and Buck. As they start encountering the waring drug dealers, the gruesomely murdered bodies start to pile up and it’s a race against time to find Vinnie and Buck before they suffer the same fate.

There’s some incredible emotion as Lou tries to re-enter Vinnie’s life. He ends up doing this in the only way possible.


This novel was absolutely brilliant. I couldn’t put it down. I loved the character of Lou – there was so much more to him than my first impression. I found myself hoping for a full reconciliation between Lou and Vinnie.

The end of the book was pretty sad, but the way it was built up, it probably couldn’t have gone any other way.

Hopefully we’ll be seeing another instalment in this series next year.


Book Published 2012


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