The Rage by Gene Kerrigan

‘The Rage’ is a brilliant novel and has won the 2012 CWA Gold Dagger for best Crime Novel. It is set in the seriously economically troubled Ireland of today and the feelings of financial gloom pervade the story.

Vincent Naylor has recently been released from prison (the Joy) and is planning his next big job, together with his brother Noel and some other regular associates. Their aim is to rob a security van while it is transporting money from various locations.

Garda Detective Sergeant Bob Tidey has just committed perjury in a court case. While being a fairly honest cop himself, he frequently turns a blind eye to the less than lawful activities of other police. And, he’s not alone. The entire police force seems to be plagued by back-room deals and compromises.

Retired nun Maura Coady has her own past to deal with, coming from a church that has been scandalised by physical and sexual abuse of children. When she notices a car abandoned in her normally quiet street she contacts her friend Bob Tidey. The car has been left as a getaway car, and by reporting its presence, Maura has set in motion an unstoppable chain of events.

When the getaway from the robbery goes horribly wrong, Vincent Naylor decides to take revenge against anyone who may have been involved in spoiling his plans.

In order to stop Vincent’s violent rampage and save Maura’s life, Bob Tidey ends up taking a course of action that goes against everything that he stands for.


The writing in this novel was so good that I found my sympathies pulled from one extreme to the other. For each of the main characters in the book – Vincent Naylor, Bob Tidey and Maura Coady, there were times when they had my full sympathy and other times when I was completely appalled by their actions.

I loved this book and have now added Gene Kerrigan to the list of authors for whom I want to read every novel that they’ve ever written. So, ‘Little Criminals’ is the next Kerrigan novel on my list.


Book Published 2011



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