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Anne Holt was born in Larvik in Norway in 1958. She grew up in Lillestrøm and Tromsø before finally moving to Oslo. She has a law degree from the University of Bergen, and in addition to working as a lawyer, she has also worked for the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation as a journalist and anchor woman, and for the Oslo Police Department. She has had her own law practice and served as the Norwegian Minister for Justice for a short time.

Holt now lives in Oslo with her partner Anne Christine Kjær and their daughter Iohanne.

Holt had not really planned to be a writer but sort of fell into it. Her first novel, Blind Goddess, was published in 1993 and introduced the character of Hanne Wilhelmsen (who has a lot in common with Anne Holt’s own life). The Hanne Wilhelmsen series now contains eight books and is being gradually published in English.

Anne Holt’s novels:

The Hanne Wilhelmsen series

The Vik/Stubø series

  • Det som er mitt (What is Mine/Punishment) 2001 (English 2006)
  • Det som aldri skjer (What never happens/The Final Murder) 2004 (English 2008)
  • Presidentens valg (Madam President/Death in Oslo) 2006
  • Pengemannen (Fear Not) 2009
  • Flimmer (co-authored with Even Holt) 2010


  • Mea culpa 1997
  • I hjertet av VM. En fotballreise (co-authored with Erik Langbråten) 1998
  • Bernhard Pinkertons store oppdrag 1999


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