Cop To Corpse by Peter Lovesey

‘Cop To Corpse’ is the first book by Peter Lovesey that I’ve read and now I have yet another series that I want to go back and read from the beginning. This is the 12th book in the Peter Diamond series and it was excellent.

Someone is shooting uniformed cops with a rifle. PC Harry Tasker has just been shot dead in bath and he is the third uniformed cop to be targeted by the sniper in the last 12 weeks in the Somerset area.

Harry was from DS Peter Diamond’s office, but a group has already been set up from the serial crimes unit to investigate the other killings. This group is led by Chief Superintendent Jack Gull (Supergull), a young climber. And, with their different ages, methods and attitudes, Gull and Diamond clash instantly.

From early on, Diamond’s mind works in a different direction from the main investigation, so most of the time there are two different investigations going on. Every time that Gull makes any progress, Diamond doubts his own line of investigation, and Diamond is careful not to upset Gull who is ‘in charge’ of the overall investigation. Diamond’s team also doubt the direction that Diamond has taken which causes extreme tension.

Eventually both Gull and Diamond manage to bring their cases to a successful conclusion – you’ll need to read the book to work out what that means.


I found this book very enjoyable. It was not too simplistic or too complicated, making it easy and fun to read. Some of the policing methods were a little bit suspect (unlawful searching of property) but let’s not let reality get in the way of a good story.

This book has given me a small introduction to Peter Diamond’s personality and the various members of his team and I’m keen to get to know Diamond and his team better. The next book that I’m planning to read is the first in the series – ‘The Last Detective’.


Book Published 2012


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