Flash and Bones by Kathy Reichs

This is the 14th book in the Kathy Reichs series featuring forensic anthropologist Temperence (Tempe) Brennan.

The novel is set in Charlotte, North Carolina – home of NASCAR. Just as the fans are starting to pour in for race week, a body is found in a barrel of asphalt in a rubbish dump next to the race track.

Wayne Gamble, who works with one of the race teams, thinks that the body may be that of his sister Cindi who went missing with her boyfriend ten years ago. The FBI thinks the body may be that of Ted Raines, a scientist testing controlled substances, who went missing one week ago. When the body is found to contain traces of a controlled substance, the FBI get involved and become very sparing with information.

So now Tempe wants to identify the body, find out what happened to Cindi Gamble and Cale Lovette (who was a member of a right-wing militant group) and find out what happened to Ted Raines.

She finds herself working with Detective ‘Skinny’ Slidell and ex-detective Cotton Galimore (now head of security at the race track). And, as she gets involved with controlled substances and right-wing groupies, things get very dangerous before she manages to solve the crime.


I’m afraid this book didn’t really grab me. For me, cars are things for getting from A to B, so car racing just doesn’t do much for me. Some of Kathy Reichs’ plots are starting to get a bit repetitive (maybe that works for a TV series, but I haven’t even seen Bones). I’ve become quite attached to Tempe’s old flame Andrew Ryan so seeing her go all mushy over bad boy Cotton Galimore doesn’t really feel right for me. Tempe’s ex-husband Pete is soon to marry his fiancé, Summer, who is so ridiculous that I have trouble reading about her.

Anyway, the book had some high tension moments which got me through and I’ve started re-reading some of the earlier Tempe novels which are pretty good.


Date Published 2011


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