Gods and Beasts by Denise Mina

‘Gods and Beasts’ is Denise Mina’s third novel featuring DS Alex Morrow and follows on from ‘Still Midnight’ and ‘The End of the Wasp Season’. And, in this novel Alex has recently returned to work after the birth of her twin sons. The underlying feeling throughout the book is of Alex wanting to get home to her family.

Shortly before Christmas, a post-office is held up by a gunman. A grandfather waiting in the queue hands his young grandson to the man behind him before helping the gunman rob the post-office. As the gunman is leaving, he raises his AK47 pistol and shoots the grandfather dead. Did the dead man know the gunman? How could the robber have known that the post-office alarm system was not functioning that day?

As Alex Morrow and her team investigate, they find a connection between the murdered man and a prominent politician – David Gillespie. Gillespie is in disgrace because of an affair with a very young employee and is fighting for his political future.

Meanwhile, two members of Alex’s team are photographed accepting a bribe. This leads to an internal investigation of Alex’s tea, with surprising results.

Eventually, Alex and her team discover a connection between the post-office robbery, the sexual exploits of Gillespie and the bribery of police officers. And, they’re all linked to attempts by a criminal network to control Glasgow.


I really enjoyed this novel and read almost non-stop till I reached the end. I enjoyed seeing Alex Morrow enjoying her life. She’s also finally acknowledging her gangster half-brother Danny and starting to get on with him. If only she knew what he was really up to!

I found the end of the book a bit rushed and had to go back over a few sections to work out how everything was resolved. But, I would still rate this as my favourite Denise Mina novel so far. I’m looking forward to this series continuing and Alex’s brother Danny seems to have left plenty of scope for that to happen.


Book Published 2012


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