Keigo Higashino Profile and Books

Keigo Higashino (東野 圭吾) is one of the most popular authors in Japan, writing mystery books as well as children’s books.

He was born in 1958 in Osaka and began writing while working as an engineer for DENSO. After winning the Edogawa Rampo Award for his novel Hokago (After School) in 1985, he turned to writing full-time.

He has since won many Japanese awards and in 2012 the English translation of his novel Yogisha X no Kenshin (The Devotion of Suspect X) was shortlisted for an Edgar award.

Some of his novels, particularly from the Detective Galileo series, are now being translated into English.

Works by Higashino

Detective Galileo series:

Detective Kaga series:

Other novels




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