Above Suspicion by Lynda La Plante

Above Suspicion is the first novel in the Anna Travis series written by Lynda La Plante. Having read the two most recent novels in the series – ‘Backlash’ and ‘Bloodline’, it was good to go back to the beginning of the series where Anna Travis and James Langdon are first introduced.

Anna Travis is young and inexperienced but when Detective Chief Inspector James Langdon needs a new member for his murder squad, he chooses Anna Travis because he knew and admired her father.

The body of a woman has just been found. She has been strangled with her stockings, her hands are tied behind her back with her bra and she has been brutally raped. This is the seventh victim found with the same modus operandi over a period of eight years.

This is Anna Travis’s first murder case and she doesn’t know all the rules and lacks confidence, but she quickly finds information that links one man to all the murdered women. So the team have their suspect from very early on, now they just have to find enough evidence to convict him or force him to confess.

In the search for evidence, Langdon uses Anna and places her in the direct path of the killer so that she can try and force the killer to make a mistake. But the killer is very clever.


This novel pulled me in from the very beginning. I enjoyed reading the introduction to characters that continue to appear throughout the series: Anna Travis, James Langdon, Paul Barolli, Mike Lewis and Jean.

The book took us deep inside the mind of a serial killer as well as the minds of Travis and Langdon. I also enjoyed reading about the beginning of the very hot/ very cold relationship between Travis and Langdon. Lynda La Plante has a no-nonsense way of writing that makes the book hard to put down till the last page. I can’t wait to continue the series with ‘The Red Dahlia’.


Book Published 2005


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