Touch and Go by Lisa Gardner

The Denbe family – Justin, Libby and their 15 year old daughter Ashlyn are kidnapped from their beautiful Boston home. They are a family who appeared to have everything. Justin owned a multi-million dollar construction company and their wealth allowed for a perfect looking life. Justin and Libby’s marriage was the envy of their friends.

When Just fails to appear at work, the house is checked. There are obvious signs of a struggle and Taser confetti in the entrance hall.

Pretty soon the disappearance is being investigated by the FBI, as well as private investigator Tessa Leoni (who appeared in an earlier novel by Lisa Gardner) and New Hampshire North County Sheriff – Wyatt. As time goes by with no ransom request, the investigators start to wonder about the reasons for the kidnapping.

There is also a lot of focus in the book on the kidnappers and the Denbe family. We see the Denbe family under stress gradually come apart with their deepest darkest secrets coming to the surface – it seems that their life was not so perfect after all. The kidnappers are a fascinating group of professionals – portrayed in a lot more detail than we normally get to see.

Meanwhile the investigators go through all aspects of the Denbe’s lives showing up plenty of surprises in trying to find out who is responsible for the kidnapping and where the Denbe family is being held.


The book is full of incredible suspense and it is not until late in the book that we finally find out what is behind the kidnapping. As I got to know the Denbe family, I found myself hoping that everything would work out for them and I even developed sympathy for some of the kidnappers. I also really enjoyed the developing relationship between Tessa Leoni and Wyatt which I hope to see more of in future books.


This was the first book That I’ve read by Lisa Gardner and it was a brilliant introduction. I’ve added her to my list of brilliant authors and hope to read more of her novels in the near future.


Book Published 2013


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