The Tooth Tattoo by Peter Lovesey

‘The Tooth Tattoo’ is the latest novel in Peter Lovesey’s Peter Diamond series and is number 13. It was just as brilliant as ‘Cop To Corpse’ and I have plans to read the whole series.

Diamond’s girlfriend Paloma has finally convinced him to take a break and Diamond has chosen Vienna so that he can visit the places where his favourite film – The Third Man, was filmed. While there, they come across a memorial for a young Japanese woman whose body was retrieved from the canal.

After their return to Bath (and a rift in their relationship), the body of another young Japanese woman is retrieved from a canal in Bath. Eventually Diamond and his team discover that the two dead women shared a love of classical music. This then leads them to a famous string quartet called the Staccati of which both women were fans.

The Staccati were one of the most famous string quartets in the world until their Violist – Harry Cornell, went missing five years ago. Now Mel Farren has joined as their new violist and they have a residency in Bath.

While the Staccati go about the serious business of making music, Diamond and his team investigate their possible involvement in two murders and a disappearance. The investigation also looks at possible links to the Japanese Yakuzi and the trade in illegal ivory.


At one stage of this book I thought I was going to be out of my depth because of my limited knowledge of classical music. Fortunately Peter Diamond was completely clueless, so the musically inept were well catered for.

The story was easy to read and kept me on the edge of my seat with lots of twists and turns and red herrings. As the book progressed and I got to know the members of the Staccati – Ivan, Cat, Mel, Anthony and their manager Doug, I didn’t want any of them to be found guilty. The main characters of Diamond’s team were also excellently portrayed – John Leahman, Keith Halliwell, Paul Gilbert and especially Ingeborg Smith.

After this book I’m keen to read the whole series, starting with ‘The Last Detective’.


Book Published 2013


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