Resurrection Men by Ian Rankin

‘Resurrection Men’ is the 13th of Ian Rankin’s Rebus novels. Inspector John Rebus has been sent on a re-education course after throwing a mug of tea at DI Gill Templar.

Initially we are led to believe that Rebus just lost the plot, but soon we find out that he got himself sent on the course deliberately, so that he could investigate some of the other cops on the course – a course designed for cops who have a problem with authority. It is suspected that a number of the cops on the course are corrupt, and they certainly know each other better than they pretend to!

The case that they are given to investigate on the course is an old one in which Rebus was involved (and crossed the line). Rebus immediately wonders if he is the one who is actually being investigated.

Meanwhile DS Siobhan Clarke continues to investigate the murder case that Rebus was thrown off after the mug incident. She is working with a new team member – David Hynes, and DI Derek Lindford (with whom Siobhan shares a history) has been brought in to replace Rebus.

After a while of getting to know his colleagues on the course, Rebus determines that the only way to work out if they are corrupt is to present himself as a corrupt cop. This, of course, places him in extreme danger.

Meanwhile Siobhan’s case turns out to have links to the case that Rebus is investigating and events come together very dramatically, placing Rebus’s and Siobhan’s lives at risk.

Throughout this novel, Rebus is still seeing his latest girlfriend – Jean Burchill, though the relationship is as rocky as Rebus’s relationships usually are. Siobhan is exhibiting more and more traits that she seems to have learnt from Rebus. And, Rebus’s life is continuously threatening to spiral out of control.

As usual, there  was a lot going on in this novel with multiple investigations and multiple investigation teams, plus a lot of relationship issues going on in the background. Nevertheless, it was an excellent novel and if you made the effort to hold the pieces together, very enjoyable. The next on in the series is: ‘A Question of Blood’.


Book Published 2002


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