Beyond Fear by Jaye Ford

‘Beyond Fear is Jaye Ford’s first novel and is an incredibly gripping thriller. It is the first of her books that I’ve read and I hope the others are as good (the third ‘Blood Secret’ will be released later this year).

Four friends – Jodie, Corinne, Hannah and Louise have gone away for the weekend on their annual trip where they leave their husbands and children behind and relax and recharge their batteries.

The others do not know that Jodie has a secret. When she was a teenager, she and a school friend were assaulted. Jodie got away but her friend Angie was killed. Jodie has mostly put this behind her. But, standing beside a quiet road in the dark after they are run off the road by another motorist, Jodie begins to have flashbacks to the terrible events of her past.

When the four women finally arrive at their destination – a converted barn, its isolation fills Jodie with dread. Various events make her more afraid, but as her paranoia increases, her friends start to doubt her more.

It is not until it’s too late that her friends realise that her fears were justified. The converted barn in which they are staying has its own secrets and now two men with connections to the barn have returned.


This book was terrifying. The characters were so real and the situation in which they found themselves was something I could easily imagine happening.

As an Australian, I also found the environment (bush, small town, small town pub, deserted road etc) very easy to picture. But, I certainly don’t think that being Australian is a requirement for getting totally pulled into this story.

I can’t wait to read Jaye Ford’s other book – ‘Scared Yet?’ and her new book which will be released soon – ‘Blood Secret’.


Book Published 2011


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