S.J. Parris (Stephanie Merritt) Profile and Books

Stephanie Merritt has written novels under her own name but is probably better known for her novels written using the pen-name S.J. Parris.

Merritt was born in Surrey England in 1974. She studied English at Cambridge before going on to become a critic and feature writer for a number of newspapers, magazines, radio shows and TV shows.

She published her first novel – Gaveston in 2002 followed by another novel and non-fiction book.

She then decided to write mystery novels that combined her love of Tudor history and her fascination with the real-life character of Giordono Bruno, a philosopher and scientist in the 1500s.

In addition to writing novels, Merritt currently writes for the Observer and Guardian. She lives in Surrey with her son.


Giordano Bruno Series (written as S.J. Parris)

Other (written as Stephanie Merritt)

  • The Devil Within (non-fiction) (2009)
  • Real (2005)
  • Gaveston (2002)

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