Unseen by Karin Slaughter

Having read the novella ‘Busted’, I already had a fairly clear picture in my head of Billy Black. He is a tough bike riding ex-con. He is also GBI (Georgia Bureau of Investigation) Agent Will Trent working undercover. This book continues with the Billy Blake undercover assignment where ‘Busted’ left off.

Working on a tip-off (we find out later where this comes from) the GBI have set up Billy Black in a maintenance job at Macon general hospital. His aim is to get friendly with another criminal – Tony Dell who is suspected of having links to a major drug network run by a character known as ‘Big Whitey’. ‘Big Whitey’ is so elusive that Will even thinks that Tony Dell may be Big Whitey.

Will has told his girlfriend Sara that he will be working undercover, but not much else. He hasn’t told her that the job is in Macon (where Lena Adams lives) and certainly not that the job is closely linked to Lena. But now Lena’s husband Jared, who is also Sara’s stepson, has been shot and is in Macon General fighting for his life. It is almost impossible that Sara and Will will not meet at the hospital and this will be disastrous for their relationship.

Meanwhile, the situation with Tony Dell and Big Whitey is escalating. Jared was only the first cop to be attacked. Now the list is growing. Billy Black is getting involved a bit too deeply and there is obviously a police informant feeding information to the criminals. And, it has also been discovered that the crimes extend beyond drugs and cop killing.

Will gradually puts the pieces together in his mind so that he can rescue some innocents caught up by the criminal network. But, it is not till the end, with his life on the line, that he finally confirms the identity of Big Whitey.


What a ride this book took me on! I couldn’t put it down. I even felt for Lena Adams at times during the novel. And, as always, I felt for Will Trent – one of the most loveable heroes around. There were a few times in the first half of the book where the pace dropped off a big, but for most of the book it was unrelenting. I’m hoping that Karin Slaughter can continue to publish a book of this quality every year. The prequel novellas drive me crazy with anticipation!


Book Published 2013


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