The Messenger by Daniel Silva

‘The Messenger’ is the 6th installment in Daniel Silva’s Gabriel Allon series. In the previous book – ‘Prince of Fire’, Gabriel’s cover in Europe was blown. So, this book starts in Israel with Gabriel restoring a painting that has been sent to him.

Professor Ali Massoudi is considered to be moderate and conciliatory for an influential Muslim, but when he is killed in an accident in London, the Israeli’s obtain his computer and discover that the life he projected was just a cover. Not only has he been actively involved in recruiting for Al-Qaida, but he was also involved in the planning of terror attacks. And, there are plans to attack the Vatican and the Pope in the very near future.

With Gabriel’s prior association with the Vatican, he is called in to help, but is only partially successful. Links are found from the terrorists involved in the Vatican attack and an attack on Ari Shamron (Gabriel’s boss) to the terrorist leader Rafiq al-Kamal who is funded by the Saudi billionaire Zizi al-Bakiri. So, Gabriel and his team, along with the head of the CIA – Adrian Carter, put together a plan to bring down both Rafiq and Zizi.

Using Zizi al-Bakiri’s love of art, they manage to infiltrate and American art curator – Sarah Bancroft into Zizi’s organisation, through selling him a previously little known Van Gogh painting. But, clever as the Israelis and Americans are, Zizi and his gang seem to be just as clever and things don’t go quite to plan.

With Sarah’s life in danger and another terrorist attack about to take place, Gabriel must pull out all stops to save the situation.


This was another excellent addition to the series. Sarah Bancroft appears in later books, so it was good to find out how she came into the story.

Some of the books in the series are starting to feel a little bit repetitive. I’ve read them out of order and some of them contain recaps of earlier books, so a few times in this book I found myself wondering if I’d read it before.

I still loved this book, and I’m enjoying the members of Gabriel’s team more and more as I get to know them better. I’m looking forward to the next installment – ‘The Secret Servant’.


Book Published 2006


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