Never Go Back by Lee Child

‘Never Go Back’ is Lee Child’s 18th Jack Reacher novel and as with the others that I’ve read in the series, this book was impossible to put down.

In an earlier novel – ’61 hours’, Reacher spoke on the phone with the current commander of his old unit (the 110th Police Special Unit) Major Susan Turner. He loved the sound of her voice and has been trying to get to Virginia ever since, so that he can take her out to dinner.

But, now that Reacher has finally arrived, he is in for a few surprises. The person behind the commander’s desk is not Susan Turner – isn’t even female. Turner has been charged with accepting a bribe and removed from her post. In addition, there are also two charges against Reacher. A murder charge for a man who Reacher interviewed 16 years ago and a paternity suit by a woman he can’t remember with a 14 year old daughter he knows nothing about. Reacher finds himself back in the army to face the charges, and with his usual freedom severely curtailed.

When Reacher finally meets Turner (she of the voice), he decides she was definitely worth the wait. Together they go about trying to clear the charges and work out why the charges were made in the first place. In typical Reacher style this involves a lot of extreme violence as well as Reacher using his brain.

The answers turn out to be completely unexpected!


I love Jack Reacher. He lives the life of a hobo, with no permanent attachments to people or objects. He is huge and scary, but knows how to use his intelligence as well. The novels in the series are always exciting, fast paced and difficult to put down. This one was no different.

Major Susan Turner, Reacher’s lawyers and Sergeant Leach were also excellent characters (I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw Leach again in the future). Sam was totally gorgeous and almost too much like Reacher for coincidence.

I can’t wait to get stuck into my next Jack Reacher novel!


Book Published 2013


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2 Responses to Never Go Back by Lee Child

  1. I’ve only just been introduced to Reacher (well – Lee Child) by listening to an archived interview Child had with the Book report radio show. Judging by your review, and by the way he spoke about his books this must be a great read. What I want to know though is; should I be getting into this Reacher adventure from the first book or are his books stand-alone books?

    • annette

      I’ve read some early and some late books in the series and Jack Reacher just doesn’t carry much baggage – that includes emotional baggage. So, this is one series that I think could be read in any order or as stand-alone novels.