Wrongful Death by Lynda La Plante

‘Wrongful Death’ is the 9th instalment in Lynda La Plante’s Anna Travis / James Langdon series. The main characters are moving on with their careers with Anna Travis now a Detective Chief Inspector and James Langdon now Detective Chief Superintendent. There have also been promotions for Mike Lewis, Paul Barolli and Barbara Maddox. But these are not the only changes in the team. An FBI Special Agent – Jessie Dewer will be temporarily working with the team and Anna and Langdon will both be spending time at the FBI academy in Virginia for training.

The case assigned to the team looks like a simple one. Night club owner Josh Reynolds died, apparently by suicide, six months ago. Now a man awaiting trial is claiming that the death was murder. All the team needs to do is verify the facts, so Anna is hoping to wrap up the case before she is due to leave for America.

But Dewer is an expert criminal psychologist and immediately sees some inconsistencies with the initial investigation. But, while an expert in some areas, Dewer’s people skills and investigative style create problems wherever she goes. And some aspects of the case are extremely sensitive. Reynolds was married to Donna Lynne, daughter of Lady Gloria Lynne. Gloria will not accept any threat to the reputation of her family and has the power to shut down any investigation.

As Anna travels to America, the background and circumstances of Josh Reynolds’ death slowly come to light, with more bizarre twists and turns than you would think possible.

Meanwhile Anna discovers Langdon’s ulterior motive for travelling to America. He works with the FBI to try to track a criminal from one of his old cases in the UK (Fitzpatrick from ‘Deadly Intent’).

And Anna is instantly attracted to her course leader Don Bane. Maybe she has finally got over the death of her fiancé Ken. But, is there any hope of being able to conduct a long distance relationship.


This was an excellent novel. The interaction between the UK cops and the FBI added a bit of spice to the story and also introduced some excellent characters that I can imagine appearing in future books.

The plot of the story, while a bit bizarre in some places, was interesting and exciting. This would have to be one of my favourite Anna Travis books so far.

The end of the story was momentous for both Langdon and Anna, and I’m not sure where the series will go from here.


Book Published 2013


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