Blindsighted by Karin Slaughter

‘Blindsighted’ is Karin Slaughter’s first novel and it is a gruesomely graphic book. If you’re at all squeamish, then it’s probably best that you give this book a miss.

In the town of Heartsdale, Georgia, Sara Linton is the paediatrician who also acts as the coroner. When meeting her sister in the diner one lunch time, Sara finds Sibyl Adams in the ladies toilets. She has been raped and stabbed and left to die. Sara does her best to save Sibyl, but her best isn’t enough. It is not until the post-mortem that the full extent of Sibyl’s gruesome injuries is discovered.

The investigation by the local police gets pretty personal since Sibyl was the blind twin sister of police officer Lena Adams, and the chief of police – Jeffrey Tolliver, is Sara’s ex-husband (and still in love with her). The old boys immediately target a black worker from the diner as the murderer, but are quickly proved wrong.

Then the crucified body of another victim is found displayed on Sara’s car. Once again the list of injuries is horrendous. As the police attempt to investigate and Lena refuses to step aside despite her sister being a victim, Sara’s past starts to catch up with her. She never told Jeffrey that she was raped 12 years earlier. Telling him now sends him after Sara’s rapist and trying to pin the current rapes and murders on him. The conflict between Sara and Jeffrey ends up indirectly putting Sara’s life in danger, and while Jeffrey is diverted, other lives are also endangered.


This novel was so fast moving that I had trouble putting it down. It was very gruesome, but this was an integral part of the story.

While the main characters in this story are Sara and Jeffrey, this is not the case in some later Karin Slaughter books that I’ve read. So, if you’re reading the books in order, keep an eye on all the characters.

I’m going to be continuing this series with ‘Kisscut’. Oh, and if you like books that make your skin crawl, Try ‘Birdman’ by Mo Hayder.


Book Published 2001


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