Blood Secret by Jaye Ford

Make sure you’re setting comfortably before you start reading this book because it might be a while before you move again. I started off wondering if the book had general appeal or just appealed to the Australian in me, but fairly quickly I was so absorbed that I didn’t care.

Rennie Carter comes from a tragic and violent background. She has moved from place to place since she was a young child, firstly with her mother and sister and then with just her sister. And then she arrived in Haven Bay and decided to stop running for a while. Soon she fell for a local – Max Tully and for 5 years she has been building a life with a home and friends, for the first time that she can remember.

Now Max has gone missing and Rennie fears that she has stayed too long and her past has caught up with her. The police seem to be looking in all the wrong places for Max and Rennie starts to hear stories about Max, then about some of their friends that leads her to doubt them.

While her normal reaction would be to pack her backpack and leave town as quickly as she can, she has decided to stay and search for Max, helped by his difficult teenage son – Hayden. And, as everyone’s darkest secrets come to the surface, she has no idea who she can trust to help her, or if Max has even been taken or left of his own accord.


This was an edge of your seat gripping thriller! I’ve read one other book by Jaye Ford – ‘Beyond Fear’ which was also brilliant and impossible to put down. Jaye Ford is excellent at Psychological thrillers and I can’t wait to catch up with her other book – ‘Scared Yet?’. And, of course I can’t wait for any future publications.


Book Published 2013


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