Gene Kerrigan Profile and Books

Gene Kerrigan was born in Dublin Ireland. He has worked as a journalist and novelist since the 1970s. Much of his non-fiction work focuses on political and social issues, and his novels include major social issues affecting Ireland.

Kerrigan was World Journalist of the year in 1985 and 1990, and he has also won awards for his novels.


His current list of works is:


  • Dark Times in the City (2009)
    2009 nominated for the CWA Gold Dagger for the best crime novel of the year



  • The Big Lie – Who Profits From Ireland’s Austerity? (2012)
  • Never Make a Promise You Can’t Break: How to Succeed in Irish Politics (2002)
  • This Great Little Nation: The A-Z of Irish Scandals and Controversies with Pat Brennan (1999)
  • Another Country: Growing Up in 50′s Ireland (1998)
  • Hard Cases: True Stories of Crime and Punishment (1995)
  • Hard Cases: True Stories of Crime and Punishment (1995)
  • Police Interrogation Endangers the Innocent, Chapter 1: The Anatomy of an Interrogation (1993)
  • Goodbye to All That: A Souvenir of the Haughey Era with Derek Speirs (1992)
  • Nothing But the Truth (1990)
  • Round Up the Usual Suspects: Nicky Kelly & the Cosgrave Coalition. with Derek Dunne (1984)


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