The Red Road by Denise Mina

‘The Red Road’ by Denise Mina is the 4th book featuring Police Detective Alex Morrow. This book jumps between 1997 when two murders occurred and the present where the consequences are still being felt.

On the night in 1997 when Princess Diana died in a car crash in Paris, 14 year old  Rose Wilson murdered two people in Glasgow. Lawyer Julius McMillan took Rose’s case and by using his knowledge of her sordid past, he was able to make one of the murders ‘go away’. Rose spent time in prison, but Julius McMillan and his son Robert kept in touch with her and after her release from prison, she worked as a nanny for Robert and in Julius’s shady law practice.

Now Julius is dead. And, the fingerprints of Michael Brown, convicted for his brother’s murder in 1997, have been found at the site of another murder – a murder he could not have committed because he was in custody at the time. Detective Alex Morrow must find out how his fingerprints could possibly be at the crime scene.

The book skips between 1997 and the present, with the reader knowing details that are not know to Alex and her team. The story goes deeply into the lives of Rose Wilson, Robert McMillan and Alex Morrow, examining their pasts and how this has affected their past and present motivations. Several police since 1997 suspect that an injustice was carried out, but none have acted on their suspicions. Will Alex Morrow put her career on the line once again to do the right thing? And will anyone really benefit from justice being served?


This is a dark and gritty novel, examining the lives of damaged and abused children as well as fraud and corruption. Alex Morrow in an incredibly realistic character and we get to see all of her doubts and insecurities as she struggles with her patched-together marriage, her one year old twins, her difficulties finding a work-life balance and her need to do the right thing to overcome her brother being a well-known gangster.

I thoroughly enjoyed the previous novel ‘Gods and Beasts’ (winner of the 2013 Theakston award) but I think this novel was even better and I can’t wait for the next in the series.


Book Published 2013


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