The Kill List by Frederick Forsyth

The US government maintains a list of names of people considered extremely dangerous to the safety of US citizens. This list is known as the kill list. A highly secret organisation with the non-descript name of Technical Operations Support Activity (TOSA) is responsible for finding and ‘removing’ people from the list.

The newest name on the list is a man known only as the Preacher. Broadcasting his Jihadist sermons online, he has incited young Muslims to carry out 7 murders in the US and 4 in the UK. The murders have been very public with the murderer then attempting (and usually succeeding) suicide.

Christopher ‘Kit’ Carson is from a military family and in addition to this he speaks Arabic. He has been tasked by TOSA to find and kill the Preacher. He is known as the Tracker. When his father is caught in the crossfire of one of the Preacher’s killings, the job becomes a whole lot more personal.

With the help of the CIA, MI6 and a teenage computer hacker (a boy with aspersers syndrome who rarely leaves his family’s attic), the Tracker entices the Preacher into making a mistake and revealing his location. Then the real fun starts, as the Preacher is lured out of his compound into the Somali desert where he and a bunch of other bad guys can be dealt with.


From what I’ve read, Frederick Forsyth’s books are very well researched and fairly accurate. I find that incredibly scary. Most of this book was the stuff of nightmares, and the tools being used to fight the bad guys are also fairly nightmarish.

The book was action-packed and thrilling. But, I felt it went into too much technical detail at the expense of character development. I found it difficult to warm to any of the characters, including the main characters.

If action is what you’re after then this book is excellent!


Book Published 2013


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