The Bourne Retribution by Eric Van Lustbader

The Bourne Retribution is the 11th Bourne Novel and the 8th written by Eric Van Lustbader.

In the previous novel – ‘The Bourne Imperative’, Rebekah – one of the few women that Jason Bourne has loved, was murdered. Bourne is still in Israel wondering how to move on when the head of Mossad- Eli Yadin, finds a use for Bourne’s skills.

Oujang Jidan, a member of the Chinese Politburo was the man who ordered Rebekah’s murder. He is also married to Maricruz Encarnation. Bourne killed Maricruz’s father and brother (who ran one of the Mexican drug cartels). Now Maricruz is trying to unite the major Mexican drug cartels and firm up supply lines between China and Mexico. Yadin wants Bourne to take care of Oujang Jidan and his Mexican colleagues and Bourne is only too happy to seek his own revenge.

But things don’t go quite as planned for anybody. There are serious problems with trust between the Mexican drug cartels and pretty soon they are back at war with each other with Maricruz and Bourne caught up in the middle. Things are  also changing for Oujang Jidan in China – the higher he moves up in the Politburo, the less acceptable it is for him to have a foreign wife.

Finally, with a major meeting of the Politburo approaching, Bourne manages to get to China and to Oujang Jidan – but is he walking into a trap? And how do the Russians fit into the picture?


I didn’t really manage to get my head around this novel at all. There seemed to be far too many major players and I couldn’t keep track of what they were all trying to achieve and what any of them really had to do with the Israelis.

Some parts of the book had that good familiar Jason Bourne feel to them, but other parts were just confusing.

Let’s hope the next Bourne novel has a few less characters and subplots for the readers to contend with.


Book Published 2013


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