Peter Robinson Profile and Books

Peter Robinson was born in 1950 in Yorkshire. He attended the University of Leeds attaining a BA Honours Degree in English Literature, then emigrated to Canada where he studies at the University of Windsor (tutored by Joyce Carol Oates) and York University. He has taught at several Universities and Colleges around Toronto and has been writing novels since 1987.

Apart from a small number of stand-alone novels and short stories, Robinson’s novels have been part of a series, set in Yorkshire and featuring ex-London detective Alan Banks. Banks moved to the Yorkshire Dales for a quieter life than London.

Peter Robinson lives with his wife Sheila Halladay mostly in Toronto but spends part of his time in Yorkshire to keep up with changes taking place that might affect his main character.

His novels are:

Alan Banks Series:


  • Caedmon’s Song (novella) (1990)
  • The First Cut – American Adaptation of Caedmon’s Song (1993)
  • No Cure for Love (1995)
  • The Price Of Love (2009) (Short stories; includes an Inspector Banks novella and three Banks stories)
  • Before The Poison (2011)



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