The Innocent by David Baldacci

‘The Innocent’ is the first book in a series by David Baldacci featuring the assassin Will Robie. The second book in the series – ‘The Hit’ is already available with the third – ‘The Target’ to be published soon.

Will Robie is assigned government sanctioned assassinations. It is his job to plan and carry out these assassinations without questioning them. For the most part this is easy as his targets tend to be terrorists. But his latest target is a mother and her young son. Robie finds himself unable to carry out the hit.

Meanwhile, 14 year old Julie Getty has been in and out of foster care for most of her life because of her parents’ drug problems. She arrives home just in time to see her parents murdered.

So, with Robie on the run after his failed assassination and Julie on the run to escape her parents’ murderers, it is little wonder that they should meet up.

As the story evolves, it looks more and more like they have both been set up. It also looks as though the murders  they are involved in along with a number of others are related. Now, together with super Special Agent Nicole Vance, they are trying to find out what connects the deaths, and the reasons that they are involved. All while trying to outrun a group of killers who now seem to be targeting them.

Most of the alphabet soup of US agencies manage to get involved at some point whether as a help or a hindrance. And, buried somewhere in one of the agencies there seems to be someone working against the interests of Robie, Julie and the US.


This was an action-packed book but never over-the-top and never boring (even if some of it was fairly improbable). The main characters were very likeable – Will Robie, Julie Getty and to a lesser extent Nicole Vance.

This was the first book I’ve read by David Baldacci and I’m keen to read more of his novels. The next I’m planning to read is ‘The Hit’ for another dose of Will Robie and hopefully some of the other main characters too.


Book Published 2012


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