Laura Lippman Profile and Books

Laura Lippman was born in 1959 in Atlanta Georgia and grew up in Baltimore Maryland. She followed in her father’s footsteps working as a reporter for the Baltimore Sun. She continued work as a reporter for twenty years, producing her first seven novels before becoming a full-time novelist. Her husband David Simon is also an ex-reporter with the Baltimore Sun.

Lippman is probably most well-known for her Tess Monaghan series of books (about a reporter who becomes a PI) but has also written several stand-alone novels and short stories.

She lives in Baltimore with her husband David Simon, her stepson Ethan and her daughter.

Works by Lippman:

Tess Monaghan Series

  • Baltimore Blues (1997)
  • Charm City (1997)
  • Butchers Hill (1998)
  • In Big Trouble (1999)
  • Orphans’ Court (1999) (short story in First Cases: Volume 3)
  • The Sugar House (2000)
  • In a Strange City (2001)
  • Ropa Vieja (2001) (short story in Murderers Row)
  • The Last Place (2002)
  • By A Spider’s Thread (2004)
  • The Shoeshine Man’s Regrets (2004) (short story in Murder and All That Jazz)
  • No Good Deeds (2006)
  • Another Thing to Fall (2008)
  • The Girl in the Green Raincoat (2011)
  • Hush Hush (2015)



  • Every Secret Thing (2003)
  • To The Power of Three (2005)
  • What the Dead Know (US) / Little Sister (UK) (2007)
  • Life Sentences (2009)
  • I’d Know You Anywhere (US) / Don’t Look Back (UK) (2010)
  • The Most Dangerous Thing (2011)
  • And When She Was Good (2012)
  • After I’m Gone (2014)
  • Wilde Lake (2016)
  • Sunburn (2018)



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