This Dark Road to Mercy by Wiley Cash

‘This Dark Road to Mercy’ is Wiley Cash’s second novel and once again he has managed to completely capture me and take me to another place.

The story is narrated by three different people – Easter Quillby is a nine year old girl, – Bobby Pruitt is a steroid fueled ex-baseball player now working as an enforcer and – Brady Weller is an ex-cop and divorcee who now works for a security company and acts as a court appointed guardian.

Wade Chesterfield was never much of a father and signed away all rights to his children years ago. So when their mother dies from a drug overdose, Easter and her six year old sister Ruby end up in a foster home with Brady Weller as their guardian.

Wade comes across and steals a large amount of money – a small part of a multi-million dollar haul from a robbery. Cashed up and with his ex-wife dead, Wade now feels he is in a position to reclaim his children. When he is turned down, he takes them anyway.

Pruitt is hired to retrieve the stolen money from Wade and since he has a personal grudge against Wade (and is more than a bit crazy) he approaches the job with enthusiasm.

Brady Weller wants to do the right thing by Easter and Ruby and return them to where they belong.

The FBI just wants to solve the robbery.

And, Easter and Ruby would love to live a normal life in a normal family.

Which all sets up a thrilling chase.


The book was very well written. Easter didn’t sound much like any nine year old that I’ve met, but was probably a fairly realistic product of her circumstances. Bobby Pruitt probably sounded a bit too coherent for someone acting the way that he was acting. Brady Weller just sounded desperate to please.

I couldn’t help myself from wishing the best for Easter, Ruby, Wade and Brady. The ending of the story wasn’t at all what I expected.

I guess I’d rate this book – very good whereas Wiley Cash’s previous novel – ‘A Land More Kind than Home’ was excellent.


Book Published 2014


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