Blind Fury by Lynda La Plante

‘Blind Fury’ is the 6th book in Lynda La Plante’s Anna Travis/ James Langdon series. There are two main storylines in this book – The murder case on which Anna is working, and the developments in Anna’s personal life.

The murder case starts when the body of a raped and strangled young woman is found in a field by the motorway. She has no ID and the team have trouble identifying her, but are able to link her murder to two other unsolved murders.

Even with three murders, Anna and the team have trouble making any progress. All leads seem to dead end. They identify a suspect fairly on, but there is no hard evidence to link him to the murders.

Then Anna receives a letter from a criminal (Cameron Welsh) who she put away for life. He offers the team a way of looking into the mind of the murderer. This is really an excuse to get Anna to visit him because he is completely obsessed with her.

While at the prison, Anna meets and falls in love with one of the prison guards. The relationship develops very quickly and being a sceptic I was prepared for a disastrous end almost from the beginning.

Eventually, without any real help from Welsh (although some of his insights were interesting), the team are able to solve the crime.


I found a lot of this book fairly frustrating. I know police have to go through a lot of paperwork that leads nowhere, but I felt at times while reading that I was being forced to do the same. It was incredibly tedious.

I enjoyed the relationship part of the book more although Anna’s and Ken’s relationship always looked a bit shaky to me. I never expected it to end on a good note and I wasn’t disappointed.

The end of the book was pretty good and moved along a lot faster than some of the earlier parts. I have already read the next in the series – ‘Bloodline’ but am tempted to re-read it as I enjoy reading series books in order.


Book Published 2010


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