The Accident by Chris Pavone

‘The Accident’ is Chris Pavone’s second novel and I enjoyed it even more than his first – ‘The Expats’. What both books have is loads of tension and action and the ability to keep you reading to find out what will happen around the next corner.

Charlie Wolfe is a media mogul, with a massive empire, who now wants to enter politics. But, the details of how he put his empire together, along with other incidents in his past are a closely guarded secret. If his secrets were revealed, his empire could well come crashing down. Now a biography has been written and Charlie will stop at nothing to see its publication stopped.

Literary agent Isabel Reed receives the manuscript written by an anonymous author and provides a copy to her friend – editor, Jeffrey Fielding. But they soon find themselves being hunted. Charlie Wolfe is very well connected (his father was an ex CIA director) and has the resources and cunning to ensure that every copy of the manuscript is destroyed. The author (whose identity we fairly quickly find out) is also being hunted. And, others who have obtained a copy of the manuscript along the way are also tracked down.

The story goes inside the New York publishing world which is struggling in a rapidly changing environment where both Isabel and Jeff are beginning to look like dinosaurs.

But, Isabel is cunning and resourceful and is prepared to fight every step of the way to see that the manuscript gets published. And as the story progresses, we find out why Isabel has been chosen by the author.

CIA operative Hayden Grey, who also appeared in ‘The Expats’, plays a very different role in this book. And, Kate from ‘The Expats’ also makes a brief appearance.


This was a very exciting and suspenseful novel and once I got into it I found it difficult to put down.

The point of view moves between different characters and this combined with the large number of characters introduced in the early stages, made the beginning of the book a bit hard to follow. But by the middle of the book, this was no longer a problem.

As with ‘The Expats’ this book crossed the line into unbelievability a few times but this added to the excitement. This was another excellent novel from Chris Pavone and hopefully he can keep up the pace for many more novels.


Book Published 2014


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